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Monday, May 11, 2009

Top 10 Contraceptives Available Today

Your Sexual Health

This article will examine a few contraceptive methods that are on the market today. Some are effective at also controlling sexually transmitted diseases and others are not. Which method is appropriate for you and your life?

What is abstinence? If you do not want to become pregnant, abstinence would then refer to not having intercourse during a period after ovulation when conception is the highest.

The advantages of abstinence:

  • It is free and everyone can use it
  • No sperm, no babies
  • There is no specific age limit to start or stop using it
  • No side effects
  • You are spending absolutely no money on birth control

The disadvantages of abstinence:

  • You may be in the mood during the wrong time of the month

Male Condoms: Latex condoms are excellent at preventing sexually transmitted diseases. They are also effect for birth control.

The advantage of the male condom:

  • Safe and effective at preventing the sperm from finding the egg and keeping STDs at bay
  • No office visit required to get fitted for anything
  • They are cost efficient and easy to buy

The disadvantages of the male condom:

  • They interrupt sex – unless the woman is adventurous and playful puts it on for her man
  • Erections may be hard to maintain

Emergency Contraception Pills (ECPs): are used in the prevention of pregnancy after unprotected sex and used in cases where a woman has been raped. This consists of two large doses of birth control pills and can be taken within 72 hours after the woman has had unprotected sex.

The advantages of the Emergency Contraception Pills:

  • ECPs are specifically designed to prevent an unwanted pregnancy
  • Taking an ECP will prevent an abortion and are more cost effective
  • The can be purchased and kept with you in case of an emergency

The disadvantages of the Emergency Contraception Pills:

  • They can cause nausea or vomiting
  • They are not as effective as several other forms of contraceptives
  • They are not intended to replace your normal method of birth control
  • They do not offer any protection against sexually transmitted diseases
  • They can be expensive sometimes more than $100

Emergency Postcoital Insertion of an IUD: You can insert this IUD after intercourse. You can insert it up to five to eight days afterwards to protect against pregnancy. This device is inserted into the uterus after unprotected sex. This device prevents the implantation of the fertilized egg.

The advantages of the Emergency Postcoital Insertion of an IUD:

  • The device can be inserted as much as five to eight days after unprotected sex
  • The IUD can be used up to twelve years
  • Fertility is only interrupted during the time the IUD is in place

The disadvantages of the Emergency Postcoital Insertion of an IUD:

  • There may be some cramping at the time of insertion
  • You may experience increased cramping or bleeding with your cycle
  • IUDs are not effective at preventing sexually transmitted diseases
  • This method is expensive though, if you use it for the twelve years it can be cost effective

Spermicidal Contraceptive Foam: The woman uses an applicator to insert foam in her vagina. This foam kills the sperm on contact along with blocking the sperm from entering the cervix.

The advantages of Spermicidal Contraceptive Foam:

  • This is available without a prescription
  • Insertion can take place twenty minutes prior to intercourse
  • No hormones involved – no side effects
  • The man does not need to withdrawal his penis after ejaculation
  • Lubrication is increased with the foam
  • This method can be used when a woman is breastfeeding

The disadvantages of Spermicidal Contraceptive Foam;

  • Possible irritation to the vagina
  • There is no protection against sexually transmitted diseases
  • The foam can interrupt sex if not used before
  • It is not discrete as far as carrying it with you

Film (VCF): This is a very small sheet of film that is soaked with spermicide. This is to be placed on or near the cervix. When this happens, it dissolves in seconds. The insertion should take place at least one hour before intercourse but you could insert it approximately fifteen minutes beforehand.

The advantages of using Film (VCF):

  • Very easy to use
  • No prescription is needed
  • Able to use during breastfeeding

The disadvantages of using Film (VCF):

  • The effectiveness is less than other contraceptive methods available
  • It is only good for intercourse one time
  • It possibly could cause irritation around the vagina or cervix
  • There is no protection against sexually transmitted diseases

Other forms of birth control on the market include:

  • Combined Birth Control Pills
  • Contraceptive patches
  • Nuva Ring
  • Depo-Provera

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EK4zone May 12, 2009 at 5:26 AM  

wow... :D

PHARAOH May 13, 2009 at 12:43 AM  

I never knew ECP was already invented....during my college years, merong street alternative sa ECP. It was the Cortal and Coke Formula. are you aware of this? My ex Gf once tried it, well, it was just once so, i never knew if it was effective....tsk tsk tsk..

Thanks anyway,

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